Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Audiology World in Istanbul,

As OKSUD TURKEY (http://odyoloji.org.tr), we wish to announce with pride and honor that “VII. Hearing Aids & Implants Symposium” is going to be held in İstanbul, the cradle of civilization, between 9-11 Oct in collaboration with international audiology associations and international hearing and audiology community.

The congress board will exert the greatest effort to make this event an exciting, stimulating and memorable meeting. 

This year's main theme of the symposium is "Brain & Hearing Aids and Implants with Current Tecnological Features". 9th of October  will be scholarly by the presentations and panels with our esteemed researchers and teachers who are clued-up in their field.  For this purpose, we will perform "Device Introductory Courses"using the latest innovative technologies by sharing algorhythms with contemporary Technologies. We will be able to listen implant technologies and , superior properties, in the same day. Advantages and limitation of implant technologies will be shared. The basic and essencial information of an ergonomic amplification device and successful fitting applications is the technological characteristics of the device. We are getting more excited  to know that electrical & electronics engineers and biomedical engineers  will share important and valuable experiences about “Sound And Electrical Signal Processing Strategies and Amplification ".

On 10 Oct 2015, to celebrate "The World Audiologists Day", our guest of honor is Professor Dr. James Jerger, the founder and father of Audiology. Performing this activity by the support of WHO and  UNICEF excites us.

There will be social activities, a march through the boshorus with a goverment band, audiologists, academicians, students, hearing ındustries 
all audiology community from the world

Our Motto is: 3E & No more hearing Loss should not be an impairment

EARLY DIAGNOSIS - New Born Hearing Screening, Early Audiologic Evaluation
EARLY TREATMENT - Hearıng Aids-Implants
EARLY EDUCATION - Hearıng and Speech Training

A Boat tour through the Boshporus is also one of the best excursion of our social activities

11st of October, training and courses about technological innovations in the international hearing sector will be held.

In conjunction with the training program, your participation and celebrating World Audiologists Day together would be honour for us. It would be a “ Real Audiologists Day” with your participation.

Your participation to this social project would create a global hearing health awareness and it is one of our big wish. It will give us an honor and a pleasure if you would take part in this symposium

We are looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul


Assoc.Prof. Özlem Konukseven MD, PhD

President of VII. Hearing Aids & Implants Symposium

President of Turkish Society Of Audiology&Speech-Voice




Early registration

1 September 2015


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